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Social Responsability

RAM Ayuda (help)

Start doing what is necessary, then the possible and suddenly,
you´ll find yourself doing AN IMPOSSIBLE!

San Francisco de Asís


¿Which is the purpose of RAM Ayuda?

We wish to provide quality of life to those who have been removed from society, those people who for different reasons have taken a difficult or wrong path, whether men, women and / or children, those who because of their precarious situation lack food, home and are often marginalized and despised given their harsh reality. People are also contemplated who by personal eventualities are in a difficult situation and require support to continue forward.

¿Where RAM Ayuda lends its support?

These marginal places are located geographically where there is someone who is in need of a helping hand, a word of encouragement, a warm embrace.

Likewise, situations of risk and catastrophe are evaluated to provide a contribution and reach out to those who require it.


¿How does RAM Ayuda its management?

Through the Human Talent Management Department, employees are encouraged to allocate an amount of their salary which is deducted from the payroll. These amounts are deposited in a bank account intended for the purpose of aid; the company doubles the amount collected by the staff.

In addition, any client and supplier of the company and any person or institution of good will is invited extensively to be part of this noble cause. 

Mailboxes and collection sites are placed on company premises to promote spontaneous cooperation. 

The aid can be made at any time and through any kind of asset to be shared, whether cash, by means of transfer to the intended account, in species (with perishable food and / or clothing) and also through of work and effort in the activities dedicated to this.

OUR Goals

It is intended as a start, to provide assistance to a minimum of 100 people per month, through food, various activities and constructive talks by the partners involved.

Christmas party for children of the
Cen of San Gabriel de Aserri, December 20, 2017

Visit to Hogares CREA Damas - Mother´s Day Activity
Guápiles, August 19th, 2017

Visit to Jicotea, Turrialba - Children´s Day Activity
September 9th, 2017 

Christmas party for children of the
Cen of San Juan de Dios, Desamparados, December 18, 2019

¿Do you want to be a part of this project?

If our goals are common to your interests and you want to share the joy of helping, please contact us:
By return of mail, we´ll give you more information and the ideal way in which you can participate with your contribution.


Av. 10, 25 Mts Oeste y 25 mts Norte de Iglesia Las Ánimas San José, Costa Rica


Email:           Phone: +506 2258-4482